‘Fuwapica Furniture’ puts on chameleon show

(weight sensors make colors darker)

Fuwapica Furniture uses sensors embedded in the table-top to work out the colour of items placed upon it.

An Apple Mac buried in the table then sends wireless messages to the four stools, which project light through their translucent shells to match, as closely as possible, the colour of the object on the table top.

The colours are also made to pulse lighter and darker at about the same tempo of human breathing in a bid to make the stools seem more life-like.

Placing many objects on the table-top makes the system mix and merge colours to match the shades seen in the collection of artefacts.

The designers suggest that people can change the colour of the chairs to match their mood.

Dreamed up by Shinya Matsuyama and colleagues from the Studio Mongoose design company in Japan, the Fuwapica furniture draws on the country’s ancient notions that gods inhabit all man made objects, be they chopsticks, dishes or tables.

The designers say that instead of furniture being inert and silent, it should be given a chance to interact with the people that use it.


BreakDancer Kicks Baby!!!

WOW. This is supposed to be funny, but only if the baby’s O.K.

Keep Street Art Alive

Sometime in the autumn of 2006, an anonymous figure began a campaign in the pre-dawn streets of New York. Armed with paint cans and propaganda, he set out to cast a blight upon once sacred images. With furious, brightly colored bursts, wall after wall of celebrated street art was systematically obliterated. Revolutionary creativity does not shock or entertain the bourgeoisie, read communiqués posted at the scene, it destroys them. Deriding street artists as “advance scouts for capital,” the Splasher, as he came to be known, was issuing a proclamation.Adbuster.com

Ben Baller x Jonas (Lrg)

Ben baller is really the king of custom pieces. He presents the “Panda Bear” piece to Jonas at Lrg head quarters. Look at the link chain at the end of the clip. So who’s wining Pharell or Jonas?

Spizike’s Black & Gold

Check out the new edizion to the Spizike line of Jordans. Spizike “Black & Gold”. You can check the out at marqueesole.com or at high snobiety. You know these won’t last long, so you better get them while you can.

Diamond Marie (King June Issue)

May we present Diamond Marie. First i have to say i’m a sucker for pretty skin tone. No i’m not suffering from post-slavery inter-culture segregation syndrome, i just love a pretty epidermis. With that being said, Ms. Marie has one of the most beautiful complexions i have ever seen. First featured in Flo rida’s “Elevator’s” video, you can check out more of her in the new June issue of King.

Nokia Morph NanoTech Concept phone

Nokia hopes this will be your next cell phone. Using Nano technology nokia hopes to produce a phone that morphs to fit your needs. It will feature pliable hardware that will allow it to be molded into whatever shap the user sees fit.