Giorgio Armani x Samsung SmartPhone



Is That Your Chick


Exclusive Nike X-girl Leopard. For women only but check out the Nike Safari Airmax 95s if you like this style.  

G-Shock 25th Year Anniversary


Gshock 25th anniversary “United Arrow” special edition

Asics Gel Lyte


WTAPS x Extreme Prejudice


Check out the plaid pattern over the button…

~ Fresh 

$53 million asteroid


Let me give you three numbers that will put this economic asteroid into perspective: $200 billion, $14.1 trillion, and $53 trillion.

  • $200 billion is the approximate total amount of write-downs announced so far as a result of the current credit crisis.
  • $14.1 trillion is the size of the entire U.S. economy
  • And $53 trillion is (drum roll please) the approximate size of this country’s bill for the Social Security and Medicare promises we’ve made.
  • While no one will ever mistake me for Alan Greenspan, it seems to me that the third number is quite a bit larger than the other two. It also seems very few people care.

    According to the latest Social Security and Medicare Trustees report (and I use that term loosely since it has the word “trust” in it) released earlier this week, the economic asteroid will first make impact in the year 2019 when the Medicaid trust fund becomes insolvent.

    Only an immediate 122 percent increase in Medicare taxes and a 26 percent increase in Social Security taxes can prevent (or more likely, delay) its impact.

    Club Fresh (Wensday@Noir)


    Yo, these pics are from Club noir.



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