DJ Whiteowl: Drop That 13


#2 on the mixtape (CD) is Nas’: Slave and the Master. He was to title his album the same; although now I have heard that he has to change it to something else.

Maybe his label pressured him, you know they can’t have controversy to that stature.


“Barack Obama in the Crosshairs!!!”

The Roswell Beacon, a Georgia newspaper, is coming under scrutiny for its cover that shows Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in a gun’s crosshairs. The infamous May 15 Roswell Beacon article discussed white supremacist groups in suburban Fulton and Forsyth counties who object to Obama’s candidacy and racial background. The Roswell Beacon article also discussed concerns of police and local authorities about possible assassination attempts.

While readers were not offended by the Roswell Beacon article itself, it was the provocative cover that drew controversy…

Is this really something that comes as a surprise? If so why?

What i’m surprised about is how long it has taken to surface or actually be talked about. The Secret Service/F.B.I. have done an excellent job at keeping this hushed up. Realists as well as Obama have known that this was a concern, as soon as he decided to run.

Race division has always played a part in this country since the original takeover, so it will consistently be prevalent (This can’t just be forgotten about and swept under the rug ‘sorry’).

The ironic thing is that if someone had made a comment about it, they would be considered as radicals or bringing up the past. Well no one said anything, and the ugly showed itself now didn’t it?

We are in America people. These are the feelings and actions that reflect the original heart of the land. Many don’t want to remember “our” past, though it will always be our history. Accept it, don’t repress it; then and only then will we be able to plan and proceed.

Air Jordan Air Jordan VI (6) + XVII (17) Countdown Pack

Release Date: May 24th, 2008
Name: Air Jordan Countdown Pack Collezione #4
Style #: 323939-991
VI Retro: White/Black-Carmine;
XVII Retro: Black/Metallic Silver

Price: $310

Jordan headz are excited that the wait Is over. Lines were long and the packs sold out fast, as expected. I guess everyone will have to maintain until the next release on the close approaching 31st, of the AJF 5 Low and the Air Jordan XX3.

Until next time…Stay FRESH

Rhythm Metal Wall Sculpture

This handcrafted Wall Sculpture depicts a large staff, bar line, treble clef, eighth notes, and sixteenth notes. Steel wall art is hand-finished in textured black; the treble clef and notes feature a brass finish.

• Handcrafted and hand-finished
• Contemporary music decor
• Touch of Class(R) design
• Hand-signed by the artist

You can purchase this elegant piece for $329 dollars or find another that suites your likings at

Karina Pasian – “16 @ War”

This is an extremely powerful song and video. Do to good direction the true essence of hurt and pain experienced by most youth in similar instances is captured very well.

Alien Tattoo

This is another very intricate expression of art…What do you think?